Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Asset and Guest Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Asset and Guest Security - Essay Example Since pieces of art have been collected from the world class artists, painters and museums, the protection and safety of these things requires comprehensive security schemes, so that the confidence and trust of the artists and guests in the gallery could be sustained. Alarm System: The main objective behind an art gallery is the displaying of worthwhile art pieces for the visitors and guests, so that the lovers of art could appreciate and evaluate the talented and exquisite work accomplished by the artists, painters and sculptors in an eloquent mode. Incorporation and inclusion of security alarm system is highly advisable for the protection of these precious assets of art. The alarm system should be adjusted in such a way that it could cover the entire edifice of art gallery from roof to the main entrance and from doors and windows to the all the four walls of the building. There should be no other entrance other than the main gate, monitoring of which should be double-checked by the security staff. The security staff must note the identity and entry time of every guest, so that in case of any doubt or loss, the visitors could be traced out easily. The security guards should be provided with metal detectors so that no person loaded with the weapo n could have entry in the gallery. The guards should be loaded with the latest weapons in order to face any untoward situation. Special Security on the Roof of Gallery: It has aptly been stated that in art exhibitions, the thieves use the roof of the building as the easiest way through which they can slip with the object of art quite easily. â€Å"The experience shows that fifty percent of all thefts take place on the upper floors of a building, or even from the roof. Security measures should not be limited to motion detection inside the building; if permitted by the surrounding environment, it is ideal to have a security system that

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