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Important Issue Of The Hazel International -

Questions: 1. Document the issues and risks the project faces. What is your overall assessment? 2. Who are the main stakeholders? What are there perceptions, requirements, and interests? How do these differences across the various stakeholders affect Dan Simpson? 3. In order for this project to be successful, compromises need to be made by each stakeholder. What are they compromise? 4. Create an action plan and describe in detail how you would achieve consensus to your plan with the various stakeholders. Answers: Answer 1: The most important issue that came first to Hazel International in building the roads was that they were not available with sufficient amount of money to start the project. First of all the vehicles that were needed to start the construction came late to Soronga and after the vehicles arrived they were having shortage of capital to buy fuel. The budget that was made by the SHD did not had any amount of money kept for its fuels or the lubricants. The management of project was not done properly by the SHD for which the starting of the project delayed. When all the equipments were ready, the second problem that arose is with the staffs of SHD. There was no line of responsibility in the project. So the people staffs who are to be included in the project were not ready for their work. When the second manager, John Anderson cam for site inspection, he found that the equipment that were bought from Canada could be used because bridges were not constructed and the bridges that were already i n exists were not able to take the weight of all the machines. The roads that were proposed were to be widened by the land that was needed for construction was not expropriate. SHD also had no money for the compensation of crops that were to be uprooted for the construction. For this problem, the big machines were again sent back to Canada which leads to loss of labors, money, and time. The next problem that arrived to Hazel International was the budgeting problem. The budget that was presented was on an annual basis. The budget that was made was inflexible. The project faced many financial problems as years passed. As the budget was made as an annual budget, all the funds that came in a year had to be used for the construction in that year itself to get fund for the next year. Another problem was that the new project manager understood Hakonese language whereas most of the labors were from Tola and knew Tolanese language. John was facing problem to deal with the local people and as a result it was time consuming. The working hours for the workers were also less and they would pack up working at 5 p.m. The drivers who were employed for vehicles also took material from the site for their personal use. They also took fuel from the cars as there was no one to look after and no strict discipline was followed by SHD. Bridges created a problem in the construction sites. S ubstructures were not constructed yet for the construction to move on. SHD had to make new tender but was not allowing the manager to make new tender. As SHD was a government company, it was also facing problems from the private companies regarding the wages and was losing its best engineers for the project due to less wages as compared to private companies. Hazelton was facing many problems in completing the project. After several months also, there was no concrete structure of what work has been done and as a result Hazelton was losing the trust of people. Due to the rainy season, the work began to slow down. All the experts were sitting idle. As the construction of bridges were not yet started, the engineers of bridges were sitting idle. There started building a communication gap between Hazel International and the Sorongan Highway Department. It was the second year until the work has been proposed and allocated to the company, but the progress of work negligible. In the meantime, the training was also been stopped but the training manager was sent home. On the whole, the construction process of building a 245 kilometer highway between the western coasts of island of Tola from Maralinga in north to the south region of Ladawan was in a very bad situation. None of the works were done and the construction process was going very slow. Answer 2: The main stakeholders of the project of building a 245 kilometer highway between the western coasts of island of Tola from Maralinga in north to the south region of Ladawan were the World Bank, another bank known as African Development Bank and some aid agencies like CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) and USAID (United State Agency for International Development). Funds came from these International Leading Agencies. The total fund that Hazelton receives from these ILAs (International Leading Agencies) exceeded to 80 million US dollars. Their perception regarding this project was that they wanted Hazelton to complete the project in five years phasing out all its experts in four years. The stakeholders also expected the personnel of Hazelton to send its advisors for its construction and maintenance of equipment. The stakeholders also considered training as an important part of the project because all the Sorongans have to be trained about how to help in building the highway. They expect that Sorongans would take the responsibility of constructing the project themselves which was possible if they were trained by the experts of Hazelton. The stakeholders needed both the in class training and the on job training for the people of Sorongans. Expectations were very high for the stakeholders who were involved in the project. The stakeholders also wanted SHD (Sorongan Highway Development) to take the responsibility of all the Canadians and provide them with housing, and all the vehicles that would be coming should have fuel and also the spare parts of all the equipment should be considered. Dam Simpson faced many difficulties to fulfill the expetations, perceptions, and interests of the stakeholders. He was facing problem to send personnel to Soronga for training the people in Soronga. Although, he started the training process very soon, he was facing problem in housing of the staffs who were bought to Soronga from Canada. SHD were not having proper housing for the staffs involved in the project. The vehicles which were bought from Canada were out of fuel at the time of use. Answer 3: In order to accomplish a successful project, the stakeholders need to compromise some of their needs that were expected from the Hazelton International. First of all, the stakeholders need to implement a project management methodology for the project to be handled properly by the company. The project they are funding for is not at all planned properly for its execution. Secondly, the stakeholders should not give the funds for the project annually. There should be some strategies involved in project management to give fund accordingly with all the steps that are involved in the project. The Sorngans should obviously be trained but the training process should be changed by the stakeholders in order to complete the work in time successfully. The stakeholders need to understand where to invest their money and where not to. The stakeholders also have to understand the problems of all the workers and compromise the amount of work that is to be done at the month of Ramadan. The more the sta keholders will be involved with the workers, the more they will do their work properly and fast. All the workers keep fasting during their holy month of Ramadan and the stakeholders have to compromise the amount of work that is to be done in that month. The amount of work is much less during that month. As after two years of completion of construction, the amount of work was very less, the stakeholders have to compromise the completion time of building the highway. They have to increase the number of years and again replan their methods and strategies with an expert of project management so that they may have the actual budget of the project before continuing it further. Answer4: There are many project management technologies that can be involved in project of construction a highway between the western coasts of island of Tola from Maralinga in north to the south region of Ladawan. There are total of four project management methodology that can be planned for the project accordingly. The methodologies are agile methodology, Prince 2 methodology, waterfall methodology, and PMBOK methodology. The methodology that is best for constructing the highway is the Agile methodology. Agile scrum methodology is a team based approach to deliver the business value. In this method of Agile, all the team members who are involved in the project works together all the employees have same goal that is to make the project successful. There is an effective interaction in between the members of the project if agile scrum methodology is involved. The first plan that is to be involved in agile methodology is to consider all the basic steps that are related to the construction. All t he plans should be done before starting the construction. The development of the construction plan involves the technology that is to be involved in the project. All the equipments that are needed for the construction are to be noted down and all the task should be defined clearly in the plan. Developing a project plan is not al an easy task. In agile methodology, all the budgets that are needed are calculated according to the tasks that are involved in the project. The next step that is involved in the agile scrum project management methodology is the technologies that are choose and the method of construction that is to be carried out. As Sorongan does not have all the equipment and technologies that are needed for the construction, it has to bring the equipment from Canada. Project management keeps all the reliability of cost that is planned accordingly to the planning process. All the bridges that are needed for the construction of the highway should be constructed first for starting the construction process of the highway. All employees are given different tasks that are related to the construction process. The agile scrum methodology defines all the works that are given to the employees. If the employees are not defined well about their tasks, they will not be able to perform their work well. The methodology also defines all the relationships in between the activities that have been taken before. The foundation works, the preparation of si tes are all defined properly to all the members of the team. The foundation works consists of nine activities which involves (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I) which means clearing of site to installing of all the utilities and pouring concretes. The estimation of all the activities can be mentioned clearly by using the agile scrum methodology. Also, the duration of time needed to construct each and every activity is cleared by the process of project management. If agile methodology is involved in the project, the project will be successful for the stakeholders involved in it.

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