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Contract Management - 1251 Words

Contract Risk and Opportunities Richard S. Stainback Jr. LAW/531 June 27, 2011 Ben Waggoner Contract Risk and Opportunities Clarity of contract is an essential element to creating a workable and executable agreement. C-S and Span entered into a business contract that was ambiguous from the start. It used words like â€Å"ordinary† in terms of production. Terms like this are often up to interpretation and can be the failing point of an agreement. Legal Issues Present Breach of Contract under â€Å"Internal Escalation Procedure for Dispute†- C-S has failed to follow the agreed upon dispute resolution process in regards to the delays and quality concerns. C-S has tentatively threatened to terminate the contract in light of product delays†¦show more content†¦Management Responsibility (Span) – Span should revisit internal processes to see if there is a process that is slowing delivery of products to C-S. After the internal audit of processes the project management team should reach out to C-S and ask the same be done to ensure there are not any procedural delays present. Management Responsibility (C-S) – They should also internally audit there processes in regards to this project to ensure that the new management is onboard and understands the particulars of their responsibility to this project. Breach of Contract under substantial performance of contract- This measure allows for neither party to rescind the contract past 50% completion. While at the 60% point in the contract, Span has only delivered on 40% of its responsibility to C-S. It is understood that the delays are caused in part by both companies. This point is not a valid defense for Span and should be avoided in communication with C-S. Management Responsibility (Span) – Span needs to assign more manpower to this project to keep with the timeline. Management Responsibility (C-S) – C-S needs to express the concerns more effectively to Span and accept some responsibility due to the amount of changes requested. Dispute Resolution Methods Arbitration and Mediation- This method could be used by Span and C-S to resolve the contract dispute. It is less costly than traditional litigation. However this method does notShow MoreRelatedContract Creation and Management1199 Words   |  5 PagesContract Creation and Manage Law 531 Contract Creation and Management After completion of the Contract Creation and Management simulation the following legal issues were noted. There were problems with this contract from the beginning because the specifics of the contract were ambiguous from the start. The companies involved developed a contractual relationship by evidence of an offer, acceptance of the offer and valid and legal consideration, which in this case is money for services renderedRead MoreIntroduction to Contract Management1025 Words   |  5 Pages1.0 INTRODUCTION TO CONTRACT MANAGEMENT A contract is an agreement having a lawful object entered into voluntarily by two or more parties, each of whom intends to create one or more legal obligations between or among them. The elements of a contract are offer and acceptance by competent persons having legal capacity who exchanges consideration to create mutuality of obligation. i.e. 1. Offer and Acceptance 2. Competent Persons 3. Consideration 4. Mutual Obligation 5. LawfulRead MoreContract Creation and Management - Nature of Agency1615 Words   |  7 PagesContract Creation and Management - Nature of Agency LAW 531 June 18, 2012 Contract Creation and Management - Nature of Agency Successful contract creation is essential for two or more different parties to conduct business. A contract needs to be full of specifics and lacking in ambiguity, otherwise interpretations, based on needs and experience, can and will be made by both sides. One such area of potential ambiguity in a contract is that of agency. Agency is a relationship where a principalRead MorePricing and Financial Management of Contracts968 Words   |  4 Pagespersonal meeting. 2. You are also concerned that the Government did not obtain the greatest possible discount on sales over 1,000 total units. As a buyer, what can you do? It is too late to get request discounts after contract award or completion. That needed to be negotiated before contract award. The buyer can prepare himself better for any future negotiations to ensure the best value for the government. If defective pricing is suspected then that needs to be confirmed and corrective actions pursuedRead MoreContract Creation and Management Simulation1268 Words   |  6 PagesContract Creation and Management Simulation William University of Cincinnati Legal Environment of Business Judge Jim P. Ponder July 2, 2000 Contract Creation and Management Simulation The simulation begins in the middle of a major dispute between a software-developing company, Span Systems, and one of its customers, Citizen-Schwartz AG (C-S), a large German bank. The two companies are in dispute over the quality and timeliness of deliverables. There have been major bugs found by C-S duringRead MoreManagement Contract1009 Words   |  5 Pagesdisadvantages of management contract to both the hotel owner and the management company? The advantage of the management contract is: The management contract incurs minimum risk to the company as compared to sole ownership and joint-venture development since the management company has little or minimal equity invested in the hotel. The hotel management company only assigns a group of professional managers to operate the property for the owner. If political crisis occurs, the management company canRead MoreThe Contract And Procurement Management Process1067 Words   |  5 Pages Student ID: UIT 07415 Assessment 1 1.Describe the Contract and procurement management framework as applied to project management ? The project procurement management processes includes : 1.plan purchases and acquisitions – determining what to purchase or acquire and determining when and how . 2.plan contracting –documenting products , services and results requirementsRead MoreThe Effects Of Psychological Contract On The Human Resource Management Discipline1047 Words   |  5 Pages The psychological contract describes the relationship between employer and employee in terms of the unwritten, informal and implicit expectations that exist in the workplace (D’Annunzio-Green Francis, 2005). There are vast amounts of literature surrounding the psychological contract and its many impacts on the Human Resource Management discipline (Cullinane Dundon, 2006). It is suggested that the formation of the psychological contract begins in the recruitment process (Rousseau, 1990), andRead MoreContract Creation and Management Simulation2659 Words   |  11 Pagesrenegotiate contracts rather than go to court to have the contracts enforced. A court remedy breach of contract can be lengthy, costly, and in the end no one wins. Companies such as Span Systems and Citizen-Schwarz (C-S) should have a clear understanding of contract laws, as well renegotiation practices designed to remedy breach of contract. Both parties are obligated to fulfill each part of the agreement, an d failure to meet the terms of the contract by law can be consider a breach of contract. ThisRead MoreContract Creation And Management Essay1891 Words   |  8 Pages The contract between Span and C-S is a legal valid contract with all the elements essential in making it binding and enforceable. An offer was presented containing a specific promise and a specific demand a consideration of valuables by C-S to pay $6 million to Span for providing them the software, the offer has been accepted by written agreement. Once the production of services was implemented, there were concerns and problems that arise that could not be resolved because the contract terminology

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